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USA Soldiers Using Latest Acog Optics, Russia?

January 29th, 2011

The Trijicon ACOG and I are intimately familiar. I was issued a Trijicon ACOG for five years while I served as a United States Marine. The Trijicon ACOG quickly became one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear. In my five years of experience with the optic, I took it around the world, to Afghanistan, Africa, Spain, Romania, not to mention yearly qualifications and countless field training exercises.

The Trijicon ACOG’s main claim to fame is its battery-free illuminated reticle. The optic absorbs light from the area around it and charges the reticle. At night, the reticle may dim some, but the reserved power from the day provides it with sufficient power for the entire night. The ACOG is also completely waterproof, which for the amphibious Marines, is a major advantage. The ACOG can submerse to a 100 meters, which is an extreme distance for a rifle scope..

Source: Trijicon Acog 4×32 Review

The question remains, what are Russian soldiers using nowadays and why they can`t issue quality optics for their army like USA does.

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