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PAK-FA is flying with new engine already installed

March 4th, 2010


Russia’s fifth-generation stealth fighter jet will have a custom made new engine, Sukhoi General Director Mikhail Pogosyan said.

“Claims that the fifth-generation jet allegedly has an old engine are wrong. Such claims are made by people with limited knowledge,” he said.

The Saturn Research and Production center made digitally-controlled engines of Project 117 for the new jet. The engine thrust was enlarged by 2.5 tonnes, as compared with the AL-31 engines, while the engine weight was cut by 150 kilograms. That allowed the new jet to move at a supersonic cruise speed, Pogosyan said.

“This engine meets the client’s requirements. This is not an intermediate product made particularly for test flights. The engine will be installed in jets, which will be supplied to the Russian Air Force and prospective foreign clients,” he said.

There will be another engine in the future, but it will take ten to twelve years to develop, Pogosyan said.

The fifth-generation fighter jet, also known as PAK FA, is being developed by the state-owned Sukhoi aviation company. According to information released by Sukhoi, the jet will be able to travel at 1,250 miles per hour and a range of up to 3,500 miles. It will incorporate stealth technology and come with air-to-air, air-to-surface, and air- to-ship missiles.

The jet’s first few test flights have already been carried out.

Source: Interfax-AVN

Now if only Saturn could actually produce its share of the SAM-146….

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