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Ka-60 state acceptance trials to commence in Q1 2010

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The Arsenyevsk Progress aircraft building company will make the first Kamov Ka-60 helicopter in the first quarter of 2010, Kamov Executive Director Roman Chernyshev said.

“State trials of the helicopter will start after that,” he said.

Only experimental models of the regular Ka-60 and Ka-60U combat trainer have already been made, he said.

The helicopters will have both a military and civilian use, Chernyshev said.

“Preliminary tests are in progress. They will be over by end of this year,” he said.

The helicopter will carry lightly armed paratroopers. It has a single rotor in contrast to other Kamov models.

The Defense Ministry needs up to 400 Ka-60. The manufacturer, Kamov, is a component of the Russian Helicopters Holding.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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Reforms hit VVS

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DATELINE: MOSCOW Nov 26Seven operative commands will be formed in the Russian Air Force by December 1, 2009, Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelenin said in Moscow on Thursday.

“Once the reform is over, the Air Force will be made up of seven operative commands comprising air bases and aerospace brigades,” he said. “All the military units will meet permanent alert criteria and have an equal number of servicemen during peace and war times.”

The Air Force will include the first, second, third and fourth operative commands based in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Rostov-on-Don, as well as the Far Eastern command of strategic and cargo aviation, and the strategic command protecting the airspace of Moscow and the central industrial region.

There will be 33 air bases and 13 aerospace brigades, Zelenin said.

Zelin had a lot to say yesterday.  He is also very unhappy with what’s going on surrounding the development of the S-500 and he commented on S-400 procurement too.

Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin has criticized the way the development of the S-500 state-of-the-art air defense system is proceeding.

“I am unhappy with the way the S-500 development is proceeding. The potential that the Almaz-Antei air defense concern possesses should be double or even tripled,” Zelin told journalists on Thursday.

S-500 is a long-range and high-altitude air defense system which has missile defense elements.

The Russian Air Force plans to acquire five battalions of S-400 ‘Triumph’ rocket air defense systems in 2010 in addition to two S-400 battalions already deployed in the Moscow region, Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin told journalists in Moscow on Thursday. “We have two S-400 battalions on combat duty in the Moscow region.We should get another five S-400 battalions in 2010, but everything will depend on the industry’s resources,” Zelin said.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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Russian drones unfit for service

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Russian-made drones lack quality and to use them would be criminal, said Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelenin.

“Unfortunately, we have not received any unmanned aircraft with appropriate tactical and technical parameters. Thus, I refuse to accept them,” he said on Thursday.

Drones made in Russia do not satisfy the Air Force “with their speed, altitude and payload resolution,” he said.

“It would be criminal to accept drones without appropriate tactical and technical parameters,” Zelenin said.

He said that Israeli drones were far more superior than Russia’s but doubted that Israel would supply Russia with the know-how or ultra- modern products.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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ISS continues work on GLONASS-K sats

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The Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is testing the Glonass-K navigation satellite.

“We are testing the satellite computer and the controlling and measuring system,” the company said.

“The satellite uses a new computer, which will cut the satellite weight,” the company said.

The satellite will have a ten-year service life and produce a larger number of navigation signals, as compared with Glonass-M. It will also carry the Cospas-Sarsat rescue payload.

The first Glonass-K will be launched in 2010.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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Kazakhstan orders missile boat

November 25th, 2009 Comments off


The Zenit plant will build a missile and artillery arms carrying ship with a displacement of up to 500 tonnes for the Kazakh Defense Ministry, the country’s Navy Commander Zhandarbek Zhanzakov told journalists in Astana on Friday.

“We will sign a contract on the construction of a new missile and artillery arms carrying ship, which will be built by our domestic enterprise – the Ural Zenit plant,” Zhanzakov said.

The Defense Ministry’s budget “has all the necessary funds” for the construction of combat ships “for the first time” this year, the commander said.

In 2009, the Kazakh Navy has received four army assault boats, a ship repairing workshop, deep-sea diving equipment and other items from the U.S. Department of Defense free of charge as part of their five-year cooperation program, he said.

The Kazakh Navy’s action plan for 2010 includes efforts to “form a brigade of various ships in the western strategic area, to create all the necessary naval coastal infrastructure and to further improve the combat skills of crewmembers,” the commander said.

The four army assault boats provided by the U.S. will be used during sea-based exercises with the Ground Forces, Zhanzakov said.

This year, Kazakhstan’s hydrographic survey vessel has tackled navigation safety tasks in the central part of the country’s Caspian Sea section, and the Kazakh Navy has assumed control over five lighthouses, he said.

Source: Interfax-AVN

Anyone out there know what project this boat will belong to?  Will this be another Sunkar or Sakshy type boat? The Sakshy is a 240 ton ship and this article is talking about a ship in the 500 ton range….

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Cosmos-2455 reaches target orbit

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The Soyuz-U middle-class carrier rocket launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome has delivered a Cosmos series military satellite to the target orbit, spokesman for Space Troops Lt. Col. Alexei Zolotukhin told Interfax.

“After being delivered the spacecraft was assigned the sequence number Cosmos-2455,” Zolotukhin said.

The spacecraft’s launch and delivery to the target orbit went as planned, he said.

“At 1:53 p.m. Moscow time the spacecraft was taken under control by the ground systems of the Space Troops’ command-measuring complex, which will further continue to control its orbital flight,” Zolotukhin said.

Source: Interfax-AVN

Cosmos-2455 is likely the first Lotos-S class ELINT satellite to be launched.

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Construction of second Admiral Gorshkov class frigate to start soon

November 25th, 2009 Comments off

ST. PETERSBURG, November 24 (RIA Novosti) – The Severnaya Verf shipyard in St Petersburg said on Tuesday it will begin construction of a new frigate for the Russian Navy on November 26.

The Admiral Kasatonov is a second Admiral Gorshkov class frigate designed to carry out long-range strike, anti-submarine and escort missions in distant maritime zones.

The frigate has a displacement of about 4,500 metric tons, a length of over 130 meters (430 feet), a maximum width of 16 meters (51 feet), and a range of over 4,000 miles.

The main weapons of the ship are reported to include eight SS-NX-26 Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles, a new 130-mm gun mount, a Medvedka-2 ASW system, and a Hurricane medium-range air defense missile system.

The first Admiral Gorshkov class vessel is being built at the Severnaya Verf shipyard, and will be launched in 2011.

According to military sources, Russia’s Navy intends to procure up to 20 such vessels.

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Next Bulava launch likely to take place in early December

November 25th, 2009 Comments off


The next test launch of a Bulava sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile is expected to be carried out in early December, a missile industry spokesman told Interfax on Tuesday.

“Preparations for the test launch have entered their final stage.

The missile will be launched from the Dmitry Donskoy strategic nuclear- powered submarine, which will leave its home base in Severodvinsk and head to a testing area in the White Sea in late November – early December,” he said.

The previous test launch in late October was a failure. The Dmitry Donskoy returned to the home base having failed to accomplish the task assigned, he said.

“The causes of the failed October launch have been analyzed and adjusted,” the spokesman said.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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Russia destroys half it remaining chemical weapons

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Russia has implemented the third phase of its international commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention ahead of schedule by destroying 45% [approximately 18,000 tonnes] of its stockpiles of chemical weapons, the head of the federal department for the safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons Col.

Gen. Valery Kapashin told Interfax on Wednesday.

“The implementation of the federal program on the destruction of stockpiles of chemical weapons in Russia has shown that operating and newly-launched Russian facilities have provided favorable preconditions for completing the third phase under the Chemical Weapons Convention ahead of schedule,” Kapashin said.

Russia agreed to fulfill the third phase of its commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention by December 31, 2009.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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Delivery trials commence for Ansat-U helicopters meant for Russian MoD

November 25th, 2009 Comments off


Specialists are launching flight trials of the Ansat-U trainer helicopter, designed by the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

“These flight trials will effectively be delivery trials,” a source in Russia’s defense sector told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

In its 2009 contract with the state, the Kazan Helicopter Plant, which is a member of the Russian Helicopters Holding, pledged to manufacture six Ansat-U helicopters, the source said.

“The state is expected to order the construction of a larger number of Ansat-U helicopters next year,” he said.

Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin signed a document in December 2008 that confirmed the completion of the helicopter’s state commissioned trials, the source said.

Developed by the Kazan Helicopter Plant’s design bureau at the Russian Defense Ministry’s request, the Ansat-U is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW-207K engines which have been modified to meet Russian Defense Ministry’s requirements. The engine’s overhaul period is 3,000 hours.

Ansat-U helicopters are fitted with KSU-A digital multi-channel fly-by-wire control systems, wheel landing gear and dual control systems. Their maximum take-off weight is 3,300 kilograms, maximum speed 285 kilometers per hour, cruise speed 250 kilometers per hour and maximum altitude 4,200 meters.

Source: Interfax-AVN

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